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Block’Hood gets populated!

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Block’Hood gets populated!

Ecological community-building sim Block’hood receives a major update today with the biggest introduction to its game-world yet: Populate!

The Populate update tasks players with ensuring their eco-friendly environments are fit to accommodate animals and humans’ unique demands without damaging the carefully balanced systems that make for a happy neighbourhood.

Block’hood is a neighbourhood-building simulator, now available in Early Access, that celebrates the diversity and experimentation of cities and the unique ecosystems within them.

Budding city planners will have access to 90+ building blocks to arrange and combine and to create unique neighbourhoods and discover the implications of their designs. The game incorporates a story of ecology and environmental understanding, as additional resources are always needed to unlock new blocks, configurations, and combinations to create more prosperous neighbourhoods.

Throughout the design process, players will need to avoid the decay of their city blocks by making sure each unit doesn’t run out of resources and become a strain on the complimentary units around them.

The Populate update ensures eager architects will face a variety of new environmental challenges as they aim to juggle the unpredictable nature of life in Block’hood!

Check out the Trailer:

“The block-based system could end up overly simplistic, but it looks to me almost like a sort of Lego City Builder—intuitive, but with room for creativity and complexity. If nothing else, I’m into the idea.

 Block’hood is set to come out later this year. I look forward to trying it out around then unless somebody mods the entire game into Cities: Skylinesbefore it even comes out (a very real possibility these days, tbh).”

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