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Bleeding Edge
Bleeding Edge

Bleeding Edge Leaked; Ninja Theory’s New Online Multiplayer Title

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Microsoft’s first big surprise for E3 2019 has been leaked unfortunately. Bleeding Edge is a new title from Ninja Theory that will be coming to current-gen Xbox and PC.

Spread by Nibel on Twitter, Bleeding Edge is a brand new IP from Microsoft’s newly acquired studio, Ninja Theory. The game is being developed by the studio’s second team, while the guys behind Hellblade are working on a different project that might get announced at the same time with Bleeding Edge.

Based on rumors, Bleeding Edge has been under development since 2014, though Microsoft’s acquisition has probably change some of the background ideas behind the game. Bleeding Edge will bring a completely online experience in 4v4 melee battles. The game features multiple characters each one with its own abilities and skills to fight which makes it a hero-based competition like Overwatch but in a different genre.

Technical alpha for Bleeding Edge will become available on June 27 and release date is yet to be known. PC and Xbox One are main platforms of the game, though it could target the next Xbox with graphical enhancements. Here you can check out the trailer for the game.

It’s being said that the other project of Ninja Theory will be revealed during the upcoming show and will be released for the next Xbox. However, you better take it with a grain of salt, since it’s a bit weird to see two different projects from one studio at once.

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