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A cottage surrounded by enemies in Blair Witch
A cottage surrounded by enemies in Blair Witch

Blair Witch Story Mode Is 6 Hours Long; Open Areas Will Intesify the Horrifying Experience

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Bloober Team’s Blair Watch is about to launch in three days and the development team tries to complete sharing every bit of detail that players need to know about the game before launch. The team behind titles like Layers of Fear and Observer will be launching another horror adventure game this month but the new one is going to feature some different elements than the previous titles which we haven’t seen before.

Maciej Glomb, one of the developers at Bloober Team, revealed some new information on Blair Witch during his recent interview with Game Watcher. According to Glomb, players are going to need up to six hours of free time to complete the story mode in Blair Witch. So, the game is not going to be a long horror experience which is fit into its $30 price tag.

In another interview with Windows Central, Glomb talked about some new gameplay elements that Bloober Team is going to try out with Blair Witch, especially in level design and building the game’s world. Unlike Layers of Fear series, Bloober Team has changed its world design from closed rooms and narrow corridors to open areas within a huge and endless forest. The idea will be helping out the developers in creating a horrifying experience in which you will never be in a safe place. Glomb said:

We have got all these small rooms and corridors, you can hide the changing environment pretty well. This time, when you want to achieve this feeling of looping across levels, you can’t really make it where players will see the transition. So it’s really hard because there’s an open space around you. Every tree, every little bush, or ways [through] the forest need to change in a way that you won’t see it. It was hard, because in corridors, in small rooms, you can really drag people’s attention into a certain place.

Blair Witch will be coming on August 30 for Xbox One and PC. Don’t miss its latest gameplay trailer if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Source: SegmentNext

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