Blair Witch

Blair Witch Received 10 Minutes of Gameplay Footage

One of the Microsoft-exclusive titles that isn’t being developed by the company’s first-party studios is Bloober Team’s Blair Witch, revealed at this year’s E3. The game is an adaptation from the movie universe of Blair Witch and makes you to encounter with psychological horror of unknown creatures at the middle of Black Hills Forest. The new gameplay footage of the game provides more hints on its gameplay mechanics.

Thanks to Game Informer’s Gameplay Today, we get to see 10 minutes of gameplay footage for Blair Witch, the upcoming survival-horror from the developers of Observer and Layers of Fear. Bullet is your dog’s name in the game, your only companion that will help you to find items, feel the presence of demonic creatures and also get scared sometime by his barks at the middle of darkness.

Blair Witch is not supposed to keep you in an endless darkness from beginning to the end. Some part of the game will be played at daytime, when you will be able to search the forest more accurately and find clues on the missing boy. The game also features some light combats that you can have glimpse on it through the trailer above.

Blair Witch is set to be released on August 30 for Xbox One and PC. It will be accessible through Xbox Game Pass.

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