Days of Play Limited Edition PS4
Days of Play Limited Edition PS4

Get Your Hands On This Limited Edition PS4 During Sony’s ‘Days of Play’

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Sony unveiled the next limited edition PS4 console that will be available during the annual Days of Play period this June. Sony showed off the new steel grey console during their recent State of Play episode, giving fans a look at a slick PS4 design with a Dual Shock 4 controller to match.

Check out the limited edition PS4 in the promotional video form State of Play below:

The limited edition PS4 is a PS4 slim model packed with a 1TB hard drive. Other details regarding the console have yet to be provided, including the official dates of when the console will be up for sale. We also haven’t received a list of which retailers will have the new limited edition PS4 in stock, but we can assume stores such as GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon to be on that list, among others.

We know the Days of Play happens in June when Sony celebrates all things PlayStation, including PSN sales, exclusive sales and limited edition hardware sales such as this. The new slim model featured in the steel grey also has the iconic face buttons – square, O, X and triangle – appearing on the side of the console. The system will also come with one matching steel grey controller and is expected to release at a cost of around $300.

Stay tuned for details on when the official Days of Play event begins, and where you can find one of these gorgeous new limited edition console.

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