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BioWare’s General Manager Reveal The Future Of Anthem

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BioWare’s General Manager Reveal The Future Of Anthem

Anthem is very close, and people at BioWare is open to share more information about the development, the world of Anthem and even what’s next for the game, yesterday General Manager Casey Hudson posted this message on BioWare’s blog, tittled “One Month to Go” it reveals that Anthem will be a game suited by the player’s desire, he promises the developers will continue to work on Anthem after its release, more content will be releasing and he encourages fans to give some feedback about what’s missing in the game.

Back in 2012 when we first conceived of Anthem (then codenamed DYLAN), we wanted to create a whole new fictional universe, full of BioWare quality story and character.  We also wanted it to be an experience you could share with friends, and to have a story that doesn’t just come to an end, but takes place in a world where things are happening right now.  

We knew there would be challenges.  People are skeptical of the idea of story in an online game, and for good reason.  Often, the nature of online multiplayer games tends to fight story agency and interesting character interactions.  And, even in the best online games, it’s easy to lose interest or run out of things to do when your friends aren’t online.

We designed Anthem to address these design challenges by trying something new and different.  With Anthem, we aim to integrate the fun of multiplayer missions with your friends, and single-player story agency and characters, into a connected narrative experience – set in a world designed to be always changing, and where anything is possible.  The result is an intentionally unique structure which is fundamental to Anthem’s design and even the universe it’s set in.

Anthem will launch with a ton of content, including a substantial main story that introduces you to the world and its characters.  But there’s still a missing ingredient that we haven’t been able to test Anthem with: you.  So, over the next month as you start to have opportunities to try what we’ve created, I ask you to keep one thing in mind: The launch of Anthem is not the end – it’s the beginning of an ongoing story in which you are a critical element.  If there’s something you want more of, we can build it.  If something isn’t right, let us know.  And the story itself will unfold over time based on how you play the game.  Soon, we will reveal more about our plans for how we intend to support that ongoing stream of content and features.

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[…] General Manager Casey Hudson shared a message on BioWare’s blog, tittled “One Month to Go” where he says that Anthem will be tweaked and modified to favor player’s desires, Hudson […]