BioShock: The Collection spotted on 2K’s website, screens leaked

BioShock: The Collection spotted on 2K’s website, screens leaked

2K Games uploaded screenshots from BioShock the Collection, a remastered set that would seemingly mark the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One debuts of BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite. The collection has yet to be officially announced, despite several leaks seemingly confirming its existence over the past months.

First spotted by a user on NeoGAF, the series of images are hosted on the official website; the game’s box art can be found on the site as well. 2K also added a page bearing the set’s name earlier today before quickly pulling it from the website.

These are just the latest developments in the strange saga of 2K’s BioShock remaster collection. The company has never officially confirmed the game, but retailer leaks and other details have cropped up countless times.

Check out the screenshots:

“The box art features a giant, nearly rusted plaque of the iconic BioShock logo set against a background that features a skyscraper peaking up from the surface of the ocean while a glimpse of the underwater city of Rapture can be view below and the sky city of Columbia can be viewed above. Columbia’s airships and floating city platforms are ever-so-slightly on display amongst a fade from the ocean to the sky, while the haunting lights of Rapture can be seen spotlighting the man-made Atlantis formed from concrete and objective determination.

The actual art of the box for the collection of BioShock titles is simple yet engrossing, capturing the original dread of BioShock with the darkened image of Rapture all while capturing the wonderment of Columbia from BioShock: Infinite with the bright city image above. I suppose BioShock 2 fits somewhere in between.”

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