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Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came
Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came

Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came now on STEAM now!

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Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came now on STEAM

Indie developer Graphium Studio release their new hidden object adventure game Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Cameon Steam today, and it is available for $7.99 and 25% off for one week.

In Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came you take the role of a detective who investigates some strange abductions happening at night. The game’s intriguing plot and beautiful hand-drawn visuals will capture your attention as you squeeze your mind to unveil what is going on in this old mysterious town. Find several items and solve puzzles to defeat obscureness once and for all.

“Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came is a classic hidden object adventure game”, says Alexander Tolchinskiy, CEO at Graphium Studio. “It is fuelled with many puzzles which will certainly squeeze your mind”.

Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came firstly appeared in September, 2017 on other outlets such as Gamehouse, WildTangent and BigfishGames. This is the second title of the “Beyond the Invisible” saga.


  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • Thoroughly elaborated atmosphere of an old town
  • An unusual and intriguing plot with many twists.
  • Profound soundtrack

Check out the Trailer:

Beyond the Invisible: Darkness Came is a hidden object adventure that will challenge even the most seasoned detectives. Despite your role as an seasoned investigator, you’ve fallen into a trap! Will you become the next victim, or will you step beyond the boundaries of this world and battle Darkness in its lair? The choice is yours.

Some unexplainable abductions have recently taken place in Gateville. Guide Detective in this terrifying hidden object mystery game and clarify what is happening in town. Are you brave enough to step beyond the edge of this world and fight the tenebrous forces of evil in their own lair?

Intriguing Plot
When night falls, visitors are not welcome anymore in a lone town. Discover why people are vanishing from town as you live an unusual chain of events with many shocking twists.

Puzzle solving
Find several items in each stage to unveil why people are disappearing in deadly bizarre circumstances. Squeeze your mind to overcome this dangerous threat and save the world from darkness.

Captivating visuals
The game features magnificent hand-drawn graphics which capture the atmosphere of an old town absorbed by gloomy shadows. It also contains a profound soundtrack which makes your hair stand on end.

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