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Beyond Good & Evil 2: a “Very Serious Development for Ubisoft”

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Beyond Good & Evil 2: a “Very Serious Development for Ubisoft”

According to Michen Ancel Beyond Good & Evil 2 is “a very serious development for Ubisoft,”. While speaking to Kotaku, Ancel said his team have been working on the sequel properly since Rayman Legends completion. He warned it’s still a long way from release, and needs to be more concrete before a full reveal.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 was first announced in 2008, though Ancel has previously explained that the game has been in development so long due to technological limitations. By September 2016, when Ancel began teasing the game by posting Instagram photos. The teasing continued, before an official re-announcement in October. “That was not a gimmick but a way to say, the game exists and we can do it.

This is the second piece of Beyond Good & Evil 2-like artwork that Ancel posted on September 27, he published an image of male engineer-type character, which fans have speculated is the father of the first game’s protagonist, Jade. On his shoulder is a pig, which is believed to be a young Pey’j.

Beyond Good and Evil

“[We had] big questions that are so big you can’t know the answers because no physics engine can handle all of the dimensions and speeds and things like that,” Ancel said to Kotaku. “It’s like ‘Okay, if no physics engine can do it, how can we achieve that?’

“It’s crazy and difficult to explain to people how technical making a game is. Now it’s not anymore about polygons and things like that, it’s about millions of behavioural AIs, systems, and giant spaceships crashing on big planets.”

Alongside Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ancel is also leading development on Wild, the open-world survival game where you can possess eagles and ride bears, among other things.”

For more information about the game check the source.

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