Bethesda Offers Morrowind For Free Today

Bethesda Offers Morrowind For Free Today

Bethesda has a special offer for all The Elder Scrolls fans, the franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the developer it’s giving away for free The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Fans of the series love Morrowind for it’s epic single-player action and awesome storytelling. Players takes the role of a noble hero embarking on an epic quest with the decision to be a malevolent sorcerer who has the ultima power of destruction, or a reverent healer in the quest to cure the plague.

In The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind the actions taken by the player define it’s personality and the course of the history, your gameplay changes and evolves in response to your actions. Confront the assassins’ guild, and they take out a contract on you. Impress them, and they try to recruit you instead.

Take a look at this trailer here:

Bethesda will be running a few days of Elder Scrolls themed promotions, but today’s Morrowind giveaway ends tomorrow, so make sure you pick it up here. Also available today is the prologue chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online‘s next expansion, Elsweyr. TESO will also be free to try from March 28th through April 3rd. The Elder Scrolls Legends is giving away a few limited edition card backs (and some boosters) too, and Skyrim: Special Edition is serving up a set of free Nordic jewelry. There’s also a sale on all things Elder Scrolls over on Bethesda’s store here.

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