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Berserk Warriors First Trailer

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Berserk Warriors First Trailer

Koei Tecmo has released the first trailer and opened the official website of Berserk Musou, its new musou based on the Berserk franchise and developed by Omega Force.

The game will feature the fights against hordes of enemies typical with the Warriors who handle big swords that cuts the enemies into two. Experience the destructive power to destroy sieges with one blow.

The game starts in the popular arc of the Golden Age until the end of the Millennium Falcon. The player can experience the great world of Berserk. In addition, the game will feature 3D animated scenes that will show the interactions of the members of the Band of the Hawk and the original voices of the anime.

Besides Guts, protagonist of the story, popular characters will also appear from the original work. These characters, which have a variety of special skills, show a number of unique actions in battle.

Check out the Trailer:

“The one-against-one thousand Warriors series and the uniquely gruesome battle series Berserk unite. Wield a grand sword bigger than yourself and slice the enemy in two, kill and crush with “Kill-Crush Action” overflowing with power. Experience the overwhelming destructive power of breaking a siege with a single swing.”

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