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Bendy and The Dark Revival
Bendy and The Dark Revival

Bendy and The Dark Revival Announced; Comes As Episodic Game

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Story-driven horror adventure fans surely remember Bendy and the Ink Machine with its unique art and graphics design that was set in an old animation making studio, where you take the role of one of the former employees that has come back to the studio after couple of years, but you find nothing except lots of ink that somehow occupied the studio with their reign of darkness. The game features a complicated story that ends in a mind-blowing way, but if you still think the ending needs more explain, you better know that the development team has recently revealed the sequel for the game. Bendy and The Dark Revival.

Bendy and The Dark Revival is a direct sequel for the previous title and it features first person horror experience once again as the trailer implies. The sequel will be released in episodic way with the first episode coming this year. It hasn’t been clarified yet why the development team decided to release Bendy and The Dark Revival in episodic form and what each episode will contain. Here you can check out the reveal trailer for the game:

Although the trailer doesn’t provides so much of information, it seems that we are going to come back to the studio once again to encounter with ink monsters and find our way through dark and horrifying corridors of the studio.

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