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BeardedBear Kickstarter Campaing, New Demo Available

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BeardedBear Kickstarter Campaing, New Demo Available

Indie developers Bear in Mind is proud to announce that BeardedBear has a new playable demo of its first seven levels, developers also officially launched a Kickstarter campaign.

BeardedBear focuses all of its gameplay elements in making the game the most dynamical possibile. The strongest features that accomplish this are the weapon system and the exp system. The first one gives you a random weapon created by the combination of a weapon type and a bullet type.

Check this Kickstarted trailer down below:

“Any weapon can be combined with any bullet, creating things like: pistols that shoots bullets, shotguns that shoots arrows, miniguns that shoots other miniguns, flamethrowers that shoots poisoned darts, ecc… Weapons will be given to the player by collecting crates on the map, but they will last only for 15 seconds, then they will vanish leaving you without any defence from the aliens. This situation can be avoided by collecting another weapon before the current one disappears. The exp system is a classic one but with a twist.

The history of the game is pretty much the history of us since it’s our first real project. Stefano (a.k.a. Elkiwy) started working on BeardedBear in late 2013 as a fun coding exercise but soon it growed to a much more ambitious project. After a year Alberto (a.k.a. Kiiro) joined Stefano and helped it making the audio and music for the game. Later the two guys meet Giacomo (a.k.a. Hellion) that he shows himself interested in the game, but not in its previous art style, so he joined the team as the graphics guy. We worked hard on the game whenever we had time (basically every day that we weren’t morally obligated to study for university) and now here we are.”

For more information about BeardedBear visit its official website.



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