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Bayonetta Voice Actor Might Be Leaving The Role

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Bayonetta has been back in the spotlight this week after PlatinumeGame and series creator Hideki Kamiya said during interviews that the game was fine on their end and they were excited to showcase it. Now, thanks to a tweet from Bayonetta’s voice actor Hellena Taylor, we might need to get used to the possibility of Bayonetta sounding a little different.

Over the weekend, a fan of the game tweeted at the voice actor to say tell her that “You’re an icon Hellena I can’t imagine Bayonetta without your amazing voice.” She simply responded stating that he “might have to.”

There is a bit of good news when it comes to the possibility of her returning for Bayonetta 3 however. When asked exactly what she means by her statement she simply stated she was “Not at liberty to say.” As Reddit user u/LucaYo points out when it comes to the wonderful world of voice acting:

VAs usually will just say if they haven’t been contacted. The fact that she is bound by a confidentiality agreement kinda implies she IS returning for Bayo 3? Maybe she is just messing around in other replies.

This could also mean she WAS approached but that a deal has yet to be finalized or could be on the verge of falling through. Or simply that she intends her next appearance as the character to be her last. Hellena not only voiced the character in both Bayonetta games, as well as her appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as the animated movie Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.

Twitter is commonplace for VA’s to announce that they will be leaving a role, and she would not be the first one to announce in this fashion. Without more context, we will simply have to wait and see where this goes.

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