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Bayonetta Director Yusuke Hashimoto Leaves Platinum Games

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Bayonetta Director Yusuke Hashimoto Leaves Platinum Games

Director and Producer Yusuke Hashimoto was involved with some of the most successful projects at his 13 year career at Platinum Games, a good example is leading the Bayonetta series. However something happened as he has left Platinum Games.

He shared a statement over Twitter where he vaguely explains his motives for the departure, read his letter down below:

“This tweet will be a little more personal than usual,

Yesterday, January 31, was my last day at Platinum Games. The memories I made during my 13 years at Platinum, working with dozens of talented individuals on Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, and Star Fox Zero are priceless to me.

Let me take this opportunity to share my thanks with anyone who has worked with me, supported me, or played my games. I hope to take the experience I gained at Platinum and use them on whatever I work on in the future.

Thank you again.”

Hashimoto served as producer on the original Bayonetta, while he took on the role of director for the game’s sequel, Bayonetta 2. It’s unknown at this time whether or not Hashimoto had any sort of direct involvement with the development of the upcoming Bayonetta 3, which Nintendo confirmed during its most recent Direct was still undergoing development for Nintendo Switch.

We as a fans of Hashimoto’s work can’t help but feel sad, but as Kojima showed, sometimes creative minds needs some time or a fresh start to get some awesome ideas. We at Gaming Instincts wish him the best on his next adventure and we hope to see him very soon with his latest project.

Source: Dualshockers

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