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Battlefield 6 Leaks Suggest A Modern Settings and a Battle Royale Mode

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Insider Tom Henderson has revealed new details about the upcoming Battlefield game.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

According to Henderson, the upcoming game will not be called Battlefield VI the game will only be called Battlefield and an official reveal is planned to be showcased this spring.

Henderson affirms that the new game will have a more modern setting taking place in the 2030s. The combat will be full of military robots, drones, unmanned fighting jets. The campaign of the game will be ‘revolutionary’ when compared to previous installments of the franchise.

Players will be able to control a specialist units that is scouted by the USA and Russia, the main characters won’t be sticking to East or West, they will act as a private military force and will complete missions from both sides.

Multiplayer will feature bigger and better battles and is described as “Battlefield ¾ on steroids”, with a Battle Royale also on the way at some stage. The Battle Royale experience will be completely disconnected from the Firestorm name and instead will adopt a new name, probably for obvious reasons. Players will still be able to play as the 4 different types of soldiers, but instead of just having unique gadgets, players will also have different “abilities”, which are similar to Call of Duty perks. For example a Scout soldier might have silent footsteps, whereas an Assault soldier might be able to sprint for a longer duration.

While the game will include a co-op mode, the development team is working hard on a next-gen multiplayer that will feature huge 128 matches.

Henderson also claims that the new game will include a separate battle royale mode, the popular game mode will not be available at launch and it’s expected to be added at a later date.

Electronic Arts recently delayed Need for Speed to focus all the resources of the company on the development of the new Battlefield game. Fans are certainly expecting a next-gen FPS game, however, Henderson said that the announcement trailer is scheduled to be unveiled in May but it won’t include gameplay footage.

Source: Tom Henderson

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