DICE and Electronic Arts decided to release Battlefield V back in November 2018 without its Battle Royale mode and other promised modes that has been introduced before. Although the game received positive reviews, its sales was poor enough that EA decided to offer notable discounts just a few weeks after release. In comparison to first days of release, now Battlefield V looks like a more complete game with tons of contents, thanks to the consecutive support of DICE studios. In less than 48 hours the game will receive its anticipated Firestorm mode and according to the revealed roadmap, there are even more to come in near future.

Third chapter of new contents for Battlefield V will begin to release as of March 25 by kicking off the Battle Royale mode. During April, one of the recently added modes of the game,Combined Arms, will get a new mission and in the following month Mercury will arrive as a new map. The last notable update of Chapter 3 comes in June, when players will get to see a new mode called “Outpost”.

As we get closer to the end of June, Chapter 4 contents will arrive, containing more maps than the previous chapter and also another new mode. There is another chapter too, which will become available in Fall 2019. You can check out full details on the revealed image down below:

Battlefield V Roadmap

As you’ve probably known, Battlefield V features no Season Pass and all the contents it receives are free for the players. The game is set in World War 2, showcasing the brutal battles between two famous sides in some memorable areas. Along with a Story Mode following dramatic moments of war, Battlefield V features multiplayer sessions in huge arenas that is capable of supporting 64 players at the same time.

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