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Battlefield V Alpha Test Goes Live Next Week

Battlefield V Alpha Test Goes Live Next Week

EA has promised that there would be more opportunities for select players to get an early hands-on with Battlefield V before the October launch. Today, we’re telling players all they need to know about Battlefield V Closed Alpha 2, set to start on August 14 and run for a limited time.

The second Closed Alpha is built directly from the first Closed Alpha and it will not contain any content like maps, modes, weapons, and vehicles.

Players that have a valid Battlefield V Closed Alpha entitlement from the first Closed Alpha on Origin are automatically invited back into the Closed Alpha 2. Those that have already redeemed their codes will indeed get an email with the same code, just in case.

Codes that have not been redeemed yet can also be used to access the Closed Alpha 2.

Check this trailer down below:

“What Modes and Maps will the Closed Alpha Contain?
Conquest mode or the Grand Operation Fall of Norway. Taking place on the map Arctic Fjord, Fall of Norway lets you experience two of its in-game “days” and play two of the modes that the Grand Operation strings together: Airborne and Breakthrough.

When playing Airborne, you’ll either paradrop down to the battlefield to deal with enemy artillery, or counterattack if you’re on the opposite team. In the frantic fights of Breakthrough, you must capture sectors as an attacker or keep the opposition at bay through on-the-fly planning.

As for Conquest – this is the timeless Battlefield classic where two teams use infantry and vehicular combat to seize a majority control of key control points.

Are There In-Game Challenges and Rewards?
No, the second Closed Alpha will not have any Special Assignment or Daily Orders, as this time we are focused more on testing gameplay fixes.

Can I Capture Video and/or Stream Gameplay from the Closed Alpha?
Absolutely! Participants are free to share footage of their Closed Alpha sessions, as there are no non-disclosure agreements in place. We’re excited to see the content you create and to hear your constructive feedback, so make sure to tag our official Battlefield channels when your content is live.”

For more information read the full article at – EA.

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