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Battlefield 5 artwork leaked by Xbox One dashboard

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 5 artwork leaked by Xbox One dashboard

A leak seems to reveal Battlefield 5 will in fact be called Battlefield 1, and that it will be released on 18 October.

If the name is true, it suggests DICE is hitting the reset button on the franchise – which matches with the apparent historical setting. The pictured poster also mentions a preorder Hellfighter Pack, inspired by the “heroic Harlem hellfighter infantry regiment.” The Harlem Hellfighters was the nickname of the 369th Infantry Regiment, known for being the first African-American regiment to serve with the US armed forces during WW1.

A piece of Battlefield 5 artwork has been uploaded by Microsoft to the Xbox One dashboard. While rumours have hinted at a WW1 setting, the blimp/cape/stick grenade combo in the pic suggest DICE may be revealing something less historically perscriptive than trench warfare when the game is announced at 9pm BST tonight.

Check out the screenshots:

“It’s still a Battlefield game, though – so expect all manner of land and airborne vehicles. Internet speculation has even suggested yesterday’s tease featured a soldier watching the Hindenberg zeppelin catastrophe, an event which – perhaps purely coincidentally – has its anniversary today.”

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