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battlefield 2042
battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Has No Campaign

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Earlier, Dice gave us the first look at their latest game Battlefield 2042. While the trailer used to reveal the title only showed a few choice action scenes it would appear we have gotten a little bit more information as to what we can expect.

Doing away with conventions of yesteryear, Dice has stated that the game will not feature a traditional campaign. On top of that, we can also forget about getting a battle royale mode as well. Instead, this year is all about the games multiplayer.

Battlefield 2042 will feature, as many rumors suggest, 128 player multiplayer matches across all its systems. In an interview with Eurogamer, design director Daniel Berlin stated “I think that’s just something that enables us to really lean into what we are best at,”. Clearly, the focus is on elevating one of the most popular modes in the game.

There will be multiple ways to enjoy the game this way, however. Not only will you have the option to play with players from around the world, but you will also be able to play solo or squad matches against AI bots. Since the maps look to be massive, and with crazy destruction, this should prove a welcome feature.

Now just because the game does not have a traditional story does not mean that it doesn’t have a narrative. The game’s setting is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis, brought about by climate change. Against this backdrop, the Non-Patriated, who are nomadic refugees are taking up arms for either the USA or Russia. This narrative will serve more as a backdrop rather than an active driving force for the player.

The company acknowledges that Battle Royale is still popular but has no plans to add a battle royale mode at this time. Their prior attempt at the genre, Firestorm in Battlefield V, was good but lacked the constant updating of its peers. This could explain why they opted against it this time around, however, we could see one in the future.

Battlefield 2042 will come to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X on 22nd October.

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