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Battlefield 1 Officially Announced

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Officially Announced

EA and DICE have officially announced Battlefield 1 after the game’s title and setting leaked this morning.

The World War I setting is confirmed, though reports of this being an alternate history are completely inaccurate according to DICE. Battlefield 1 will feature a full campaign, though details are vague beyond its existence.

Battlefield 1 will be out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21. The date mentioned in the poster below refers to EA and Origin Access early play time that begins on October 18.

If accurate, the next Battlefield is launching on October 18. Additionally, as managing editor Matt Bertz pointed out to me when the keyart first appeared, the Harlem Hellfighters (mentioned on one of the posters and officially known as the 369th Infantry Division) is connected to the game. The regiment consisted of African Americans and worked closely with the French during the war.

Check out the Trailer:


“Finally, the team promised that more of the traditional Battlefield experience would make its way into the campaign. While we’d be surprised to see more than one player in a story-based mission, the statement does seem to imply that players will have more freedom than in the more tightly-scripted campaigns of past games. That could carry over to weapons and loadouts as well, as the developers confirmed that players would be able to customize their arsenal.”

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