Battlecrew Space Pirates Janger and John Trigger Character Trailers

Battlecrew Space Pirates Janger and John Trigger Character Trailers

DONTNOD, the creator of ‘Life is Strange’, has recently revealed more details about the upcoming Side-scrolling multiplayer competitive shooter Battlecrew Space Pirates at Gamescom today.

Each character is said to be unique in their own way and there may be new characters you can recruit at a space station called Tortuga, which you can go to between battles. BATTLECREW Space Pirates will be multiplayer-focused with online play.

The game features fast and addictive competitive gameplay, allowing up to 8 players to battle in the arena. With 2D gameplay, there’s almost a ‘Super Smash Bros.’ feel to this shooter.

Battlecrew Space Pirates is coming some to steam early access.

Key Features

  • Fast and addictive gameplay designed for competition: in BATTLECREW, games are based on skill and cooperation with up to 8 players!
  • A richly-colored cast of cool and charismatic pirates! 4 character classes, each with different playing style!
  • Tortuga, the game community’ hub, is where pirates live and meet, check the game statistics and leaderboard, customize their avatar, check the community challenges, and launch games.
  • Pirate Bounties: BATTLECREW regularly challenges the community! Maps, new characters, skins, taunts, game modes… All the unlockable content makes BATTLECREW a packed and evolving universe!
  • 2 game modes to start out: Gold Rush, where you and your team have to collect as much gold as possible to win, and the classic Team Death Match where you have to vaporize as many of the enemy pirates as you can to claim victory!

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