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Bandai Namco
Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco To Focus on Games As Service

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Bandai Namco Entertainment America new Vice President of Marketing, Ross Borden has recently stated that the publisher will focus on expanding its digital marketing, communications capabilities and customer relationship management programs to change the focus on games as a service.

“Bandai Namco Entertainment’s exciting product line-up, which encompasses a wide range of popular genres and IPs, offers countless opportunities to delight our customers. I look forward to opening new avenues of growth for Bandai Namco Entertainment’s business in the Americas.”

“today, video games offer more entertainment options, through more platforms, for a wider range of players, than ever before in its history and Bandai Namco Entertainment is poised to offer some of the most unique and compelling content to players around the globe.”

Ross Borden adds over two decades of experience in the field of marketing for video games and similar tech companies, he has previous stints at Namco, Ncsoft, and Robot Entertainment. His career started in 2000 as Marketing Director of 3DO.

BandaiNamco has been collaborating with Nintendo, games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Kart Tour, and Arms has been received visual assets from Bandai Namco. It’s very interesting to see how the publisher will adapt to the future of the industry. It’s possible that some kind of cloud gaming service it’s being considered, but at the moment nothing has been confirmed.

It’s interesting to know what Bandai Namco and Nintendo’s collaboration has to offer, games like Pokken Tournament and some characters present on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are already a sign of good relationship from both companies.

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