Ballistick Coming Soon on the Humble Store

Ballistick Coming Soon on the Humble Store

The glory days of stick figure animation have come and gone, remember famous animator like Xiao Xiao? Series like Madness Combat? Now the stick figure animation glory days may be revived thanks to the new game of 1C called Ballistick.

Using this old art style, combined with revolutionary 2D shooting mechanics, Ballistick is primed to bring about a resurgence in these old games/animations.

Check out the trailer of Ballistick, showcasing the games’ features:

“Ballistick combines over-the-top stick figure gore (typical of the era) with extremely realistic gun mechanics and tactical gameplay. The player must hop from cover to cover, intelligently taking out their targets, either via stealth or brute force.

Ballistick also offers gun mechanics rarely seen in games today. Each action requires the proper steps to complete. Want to pump a shotgun? You must hit the back key to cock it back, then forward to cock it forward. Want to reload a magazine? You must hit down to drop the magazine out, up to lift it in, and forward to reengage the bolt (if you fired the last round).

These mechanics offer an entirely new layer of depth to the game that 2D games of this type are sorely lacking. Combine these mechanics with unique gadgets like ECM Jammers, a snake cam, claymores, and even grenades, and you have gameplay that will keep you coming back again and again.

  • Infiltrate enemy strongholds 
  • Massacre enemies with ten different weapons/gadgets 
  • Stealth or guns blazing, you decide 
  • Live the animations that you loved as a kid 
  • Intensely realistic gore and gun mechanics 
  • Manually add shells to your shotgun, drop the clip out of your M4, or toggle your safety 

Relive the glory days of flash stick animation and kill some stick figures while you’re at it.

Ballistick will be available Oct 15th 2016 on the Humble Store.”

If you would like to see tbis game on Steam or learn more about it, please visit its Steam Greenlight page.

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