Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Won’t Be Premiered at E3 2019

As we get closer to E3 2019, some studios are revealing what they have prepared for the show with brief teasers and official confirmations, but on the other side, some studios are informing fans of their absence at the upcoming event, which has always been disappointing. Turtle Rock Studios is a member of the second group that hyped us with announcing Back 4 Blood a few months ago but recently confirmed that the game won’t be shown at E3 2019.

Back 4 Blood is going to be a spiritual successor for Left 4 Dead series promised to return the joyful co-op experience that after all these years still has saved its players in Left 4 Dead franchise. The studio’s previous title, Evolve, couldn’t reach the success and popularity of Turtle Rock’s best title so far.

The tweet that announced Turtle Rock’s absence at this year’s E3, didn’t mention any hints that when we should expect the first details of Back 4 Blood to be revealed. However, it seems Warner Bros. Interactive won’t be coming to E3 this year, since Rocksteady also decided to skip E3 2019 and we might see both new titles for Turtle Rock Studios and Batman: Arkham developers in Gamescom 2019 or The Game Awards 2019 that have a great potential in collecting viewers from all over the world.

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