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Atlus Game Codenamed “Project Pen” Gets Australian Classification Rating

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A mysterious, as of yet unannounced, the game being developed by Atlus has been spotted on the Australian Government Classification Website. Simply known as “Project Pen” the game is apparently being developed as a multiplatform title, though not much else is known about it.

What we do know about the game comes from its classification on the website, which lists the game as MA 15+, the first of the restrictive ratings under Australia’s rating board. According to the site, this classification was given to the game due to “strong violence and sexualized imagery”. The site also states that the game will include in-game purchases of some kind.

This game will be released in multiple English-speaking territories and will be published within them by Sega of America. The most interesting point of fact is that the USA is listed as the point of the game of origin, potentially hinting at the game having an American development team attached. This would be very uncommon for that Japan-based Atlus which despite having a presence in the US, has no development teams located here.

Atlus is of course best known in the west for their Persona franchise which is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. Persona itself is a spin-off of the studio’s flagship Shin Megami Tensei series, which is currently poised to release Shin Megami Tensei V in the west on November 11 for the Nintendo Switch.

Persona is set to release a series of live streams across its 25th anniversary, with the next one planned for December. There is always the possibility that “Project Pen” is something Persona related and set to be announced at some point during the anniversary, however, we will have to wait for a more concrete announcement to know what to expect.

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