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Astro Joust
Astro Joust

Astro Joust – Multiplayer Joust, with Jetpacks!

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Astro Joust – Multiplayer Joust, with Jetpacks!

Calling all Astro Jousters! Get ready to settle your grudges, both real and imagined as you clash head to head to determine whose *ahem* lance is bigger (or at least who is higher on the screen). Your chance at glorious retribution is close at hand, as the idiots brilliant minds behind your favorite loot box simulator/industry satire “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling”, bring you Astro Joust on March 28th, 2018.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “What the hell is Astro Joust?” and “Why should I care?”, maybe even “Hummm, what should I grab for lunch today?”, well strap in friend as we elucidate you upon the finer points of Astro Joust. Inspired by the arcade classic, our game looks to build on that concept and up the intensity! It’s multiplayer deathmatch fun, but with a twist. If you’re knocked out of a round you get to seek your revenge. Oh, and you can’t go wrong with a sandwich.

Mutant Studios CTO Jeff Underwood describes the game as “Local multiplayer mayhem, with the added bonus of Revenge Seeking”. “I’m not very good at fighting games, so our initial take was to add some way for players like me to keep playing after getting knocked out of the round.” Developer Justin Schwieger adds “Yeah, he’s really bad, so we added Lasers, Saws, and Crushers to keep him playing after death.” “Our initial goal of providing a fun, unique, and action packed 4 player fighting game has really been crystallized in Astro Joust” says Developer Nicholas DiNapoli.

Astro Joust Features:

  • Pick up and play gameplay
  • Up to 4 player combat
  • Multiple maps with varying obstacles and styles
  • A unique after-death mechanic to keep you interacting with matches even if you’re knocked out of a round

Check out the Trailer:

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