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Ash New Elite
Ash New Elite

Rainbow Six Siege: Ash New Elite Skin is Based on Lara Croft

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Ubisoft has just announced that Ash is getting an elite skin that is inspired by Lara Croft’s design. The elite skin features new headgear, victory animation, gadget skin for her M120 CREM Breaching Rounds and Launcher and weapon skins.

Rainbow Six Siege is entering on its fifth year content, Ubisoft recently released a teaser for the Season 1 – Operation Void Edge. The developer did not reveal when the Operation Void Edge will launch, but it will be available soon.

The elite skin will be available soon after the launch of Operation Void Edge.

Operation Void Edge will also bring two new operators, Oryx is a Jordanian defender, he is very offensive and able to reach places faster than any other operator. Oryx is the fastest operator, his sprint ability will allow him get into position before anyone else can, he is also very strong, he is capable of breaking barricades and unfortified walls. Players who uses shields will have to change their tactics as Oryx can stagger them with a fast and strong melee attack.

Iana is an attacker, she is an hologram specialist, a mimic Iana might appear in front of you and she might disappear, she can fool everyone by mimic her sound and appearance for a more tactical strategy.

About Rainbow Six Siege:

Alongside a thriving professional esports scene and a community of over 45 million registered players, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege puts players in the middle of a fast-paced, ever-evolving multiplayer experience grounded in the selection of unique Operators.

Using the right mix of tactics and destruction, Rainbow Six teams engage their enemies in sieges, where both sides have exclusive skills and gadgets at their disposal. Defenders prepare by transforming the environments around them into modern strongholds, while attackers use recon drones to gain intel for carefully planning their assault. With access to dozens of Operators inspired by real world counter-intelligence agents from around the globe, players can choose exactly how they want to approach each challenge they encounter.

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