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ArsonVille Available Now on Steam

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ArsonVille Available Now on Steam

Developed and released by Slavitica, an indie game development business founded by CEO Graham Weldon, ArsonVille, was officially launched on Steam.

ArsonVille places you above a quaint little town, with limited time to place combustible objects around the map, and a single chance to set the fire. Try your best to burn all the tiles, take out the houses and burn down trees. Do all you can to contain your manic laughter as the village burns to the ground.

Players are armed with a small set of fire proliferating goodies, and only one chance to start the fire, the objective is to destroy the whole village. With infinite possibilities and procedurally generated maps, there is no end of fun in ArsonVille.

Check this trailer down below:

“The theme was ‘Ancient Technology’ and fire was one of the earliest technologies that really changed the way we live.” said Weldon. “It was a great challenge working up a playable alpha of a game in just 48 hours but what blew me away was the number of viewers following the development on Twitch and asking me when they could play it.”
ArsonVille was greenlit by Steam within 14 days of being posted to Steam and Weldon committed to an aggressive timeline in order to capitalise on the heat. The 25 November release has gone smoothly and Weldon has plans to expand the platforms it’s available for. “I absolutely want to have it available for mobile asap. It’s a bit of work but should be ready to go live in the app stores early 2017.”

For more information about the game visit its Steam download website.

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