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Ark: Survival Evolved gets futuristic with mega tek tier update

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Ark: Survival Evolved gets futuristic with mega tek tier update

The super scientists at Studio Wildcard today released a huge sci-fi-themed update for ARK: Survival Evolved on console, with the release of its TEK Tier content. Now available for free download on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, this update adds new weapons, armors, gear, and most importantly – dinosaur mounted laser cannons – to ARK’s already significant arsenal. Players can also tame four new creatures and take part in the Valentine’s Day Event, a limited-time opportunity to increase creature mating speed and find a box of chocolates that can be used to unlock new event-themed hairstyles and an emote!

ARK: Survival Evolved includes exclusive content for PlayStation 4 players including a Bionic Giganotosaurus skin plus an entire Manticore armor set for all male and female characters. PlayStation 4 Pro owners will also gain substantial performance improvements including a higher framerate, smoother animations and stunning visual effects.

Players wanting TEK Tier loot will need to gather the newly introduced Element resource, which is granted after successfully completing Boss Arenas. Each Boss now has three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) and after defeating the respective Boss are awarded with unique TEK Knowledge engrams, element and other general Boss Rewards. Collect the Element, then use the TEK Replicator to craft all TEK items.

And if the TEK Tier isn’t enough new content for players – how about a new batch of creatures? The new update includes the Ovis Aries, Baryonyx Aquafulgur, Basilosaurus Solatiumfecit, and the Purlovia Maxima, bringing ARK’s creature count up to 96!

Check out the Trailer:

“Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the Tek Tier rollout, especially for longtime players of Ark, will be the underwater bases. Those are coming in another update early next year as part of the Tek Tier, but in the meantime, ogle this lovely original art and fill in the blanks with your imagination. I can see it now, an angry teen calling me something unrepeatable and capturing me from the back of their Mosasaurus outfitted with cybernetic armor. I’ve always wanted to live in a cage, underwater. But really, it’s a feature that was on the launch list for Ark, and it’s good to know it’s on the way.”

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