Man from Arise: A Simple Story

Arise: A Simple Story gets Reveal Trailer

Arise: A Simple Story just got announced during State of Play. It’s a story about a man who must relive the memories of the past in order to reach the afterlife.

According to Playstation’s blog

“One of our goals with Arise was to make this odyssey memorable and constantly surprising. We turned our hero’s rich life experience into beautiful landscapes, which will shift along with your emotional state as you roam through varied environments that reflect the current tone of the narrative. As the story unfolds, your power to manipulate time also transforms to fit the moments you’re reliving.

In Arise you never know what’s around the corner. You enjoy the good times to the fullest knowing they might not last, and endure the hardships working to turn them around. To put it simply – that’s just life, right? Beautiful and scary at the same time. That feeling of not knowing what comes next and playing with the cards you were dealt is one of the major themes in Arise.”

A trailer is unavailable at this time, but we’ll be sure to update this page when it gets uploaded to Youtube.

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