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Apple is Planning A Subscription Based Games Service

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Apple is Planning A Subscription Based Games Service

According to reports from Cheddar, Apple it’s getting a Netflix-like service for it’s devices where subscribers will be able to play all bundled games. The technology giant still has not announced if the service is scheduled to start this year or the subscription fee.

According to a report from tech site Cheddar, five sources have indicated that Apple has been approaching developers about the idea of a subscription plan for games. The idea is to have something similar to Netflix but for games on Apple devices, where you have access to the titles as long as you stay subscribed. Apple has always paid some lip service to games on their platform, even enthusiastically having Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto on stage at one of their conferences, but this would indicate they want to emphasize it as a selling point for their hardware.

Analysts suggest that Apple may be eyeing a subscription service based on the success of things like EA Access, PlayStation Plus, and Microsoft’s Game Pass as proven models.

There are now several companies who are joining this kind of market, so it’s interesting to think who will succeed as we as consumer will only need one service, which service are most interesting to you? let me know in the comment section below.

Read the full article at Game Informer.

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