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Apple Reveals Game Subscription Service

Apple Reveals Game Subscription Service

Apple has just announced at Apple Special Event a subscription based service for the distribution of games called Apple Arcade, this service will be available exclusively for iOS devices. Apple Arcade is scheduled to launch in fall of 2019 in over 150 countries.

Apple has joined forces with some of the world’s most innovative game developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible to mobile games developers, from Bossa Studios, Cartoon Network to bigger studios like Konami and Sega.

Apple Arcade is intended as a game subscription service focused on games that would otherwise be premium releases, and will work alongside the regular App Store for games in its own dedicated tab. At launch, it will include over 100 brand new titles that will be mobile-exclusive to the service (though some, like Overland, will release on consoles).

Apple said it will help support development of new titles for its subscription service and will continue to release more as times goes on. The games in Apple Arcade will function across all iOS devices, with game saves available even if you switch devices, and all games playable offline. Titles on Apple Arcade will come with all content included in the subscription, no additional purchases, and no ads.

Apple Arcade will launch with over 100 “groundbreaking” games, Apple says that they’re not just arcade games, they promise storytelling adventures that will redefine mobile gaming.

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