Anthem Unreleased Update Is Already a Mess

Anthem Unreleased Update Is Already a Mess

BioWare recently announced a big update for Anthem, releasing next week Version 1.04 was expected to please everyone with more end games, fewer loading screens and the now controversial Elysian Caches.

Developers tried to make let players know what’s coming and did a livestream to showcase the new features and answer some question that fans had, but BioWare don’t catch a break, as now there is a big confusion and players are very angry that Elysian Stronghold Caches won’t contain armors, fans feel that they were fooled.

Users asked BioWare’s Lead Producer, Ben Irving when will be made available the acquisition of armor sets in Anthem, he unfortunately “misunderstood” the question and replied that “Elysian Chest should be up next week”. Whether this is a case of misinterpretation, misinformation which is very unlikely it suggest that developers didn’t have the time to add this feature to the chests.

Irving later said that he misread the question and thought the user was asking him about cosmetic items, this lead to a backlash on Twitter and Reddit with some nasty demonstration of disapproval that furthers sink the reputation of Anthem.

“This game looks like it has been created in a vacuum. Just look at the competition and past games in the looter shooters genre of what’s out there and you will see why people are frustrated and disappointed about Anthem,” writes redditor u/Wytness.

“Division 2 is fully functioning and has plenty of cosmetics being dropped for free. Warframe, a free to play game, has more content and cosmetic options. Borderlands 2 a game that was released in 2012 has more content. With Borderlands 3 announcement right around the corner and with the cosmetic chests not including armor sets, if Anthem continues to ignore it’s competition more and more players will ignore it.”

This might seem like some players are overreacting but their anger is founded, they’re constantly disappointed by BioWare. It doesn’t help the fact that BioWare teased us for a long time with the release of a great game, we can all agree that Anthem is not what BioWare promised us.

I really feel bad about Anthem’s failure, the game is not bad, but it’s plagued with problems that could be avoided if BioWare would had given more time to developers before the release of the game. But I can relate with players as it seems that the developer is thinking more of selling content in the future than releasing a great game full of content and endgame. When BioWare stated that Anthem would be getting content for a decade it seems that they’re thinking of money, the game is broken and they can’t seem to please its players, shady decisions and not giving time to developers it’s a bad way to handle a AAA game, let’s not forget that trying to play Anthem broke a few PS4 consoles so they have few chances to make it right and lying won’t help.

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