BioWare Anthem Still a Focus
BioWare Anthem Still a Focus

Anthem Still A Focus Bioware Confirms

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While the latest title to land with the BioWare name may be seeing plenty of rough patches and decreasing player counts, a few BioWare team members are still resilient on encouraging players that Anthem is still a large focus for support – no matter what rumors might suggest. A few Twitter responses paints a rather clear image that there’s currently no intention of ditching the live service game, even though there are greater horizons with the vaguely revealed Dragon Age 4.

Lead producer Mike Gamble and Head of Live Service Chad Robertson for Anthem have both recently went on record to confirm that they have no plans on lessening their focus in order to work on the next Dragon Age title. And while other members of BioWare may be shifting focus over to the next title after Anthem, it doesn’t mean all supporting developers are heading in that direction.

With the content roadmap being delayed indefinitely while they sort out other issues, Anthem still has a lot of work ahead if BioWare wishes to fix Anthem up to the standards they boasted about the game pre-launch. There’s plenty of potential there for the game, so abandoning the game so soon after launch doesn’t seem like your ordinary “cut your losses” sort of deal.

A lot of work has gone into Anthem and the fan base surrounding the game should want nothing more than to see it flourish to the standards set by BioWare. However, there’s a massive audience for the Dragon Age series and with Dragon Age 4 BioWare could help win back some of their more frustrated fans. It’s good to see the studio taking criticism and working to alleviate the problems that seem to continuously arise in Anthem, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that the BioWare team can eventually get its ducks in a row.

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