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Anthem Servers Are Full, Players Are Getting Kicked

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Anthem Servers Are Full, Players Are Getting Kicked

Well this is a nice headache that EA is currently having, Anthem VIP Demo has gone live and players want to take part in this event. but some are reporting that they’re unable to join servers, other’s are getting kicked, others comments that they could get into the game but after long waiting time.

EA it’s currently giving Anthem’s server more capacity, and they’ll surely must be happy as the feedback they got from fans is huge, everyone wants to try the game. The VIP demo started today and will be live through this Sunday.

Below is the official statement from EA Help:

“We’re adding more server capacity to the #Anthem demo right now. Hang tight while we work to get everyone into the game.”

Some users have been able to get in, but are being kicked soon after. Instances of “error retrieving Anthem live service data” messages have also been reported. Others players have stated they were finally able to get in after long wait times, so hopefully this will apply to everyone soon enough.

If you’re reading this then you probably didn’t have problems to go into the game, but if not, share your experience, did you have to wait as long as other users reports or maybe you get kicked out?, some even claim they lost all their progress, share your experience in the comment section below, and keep it tuned to Gaming Instincts for more updates from EA Help and BioWare.

Read the full article at – VG247.

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