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Lost Arcanist
Lost Arcanist

Anthem ‘Lost Arcanist’ Mission Gameplay Video Revealed

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Anthem ‘Lost Arcanist’ Mission Gameplay Video Revealed

IGN has released a new video featuring the  complete gameplay of the Lost Arcanist mission from Anthem.

VIP Demo will start later this month from January 25–27, 2019. In order to participate you must pre-order Anthem, be an EA Access subscriber, or be an Origin Access subscriber. Players who participate in the VIP demo will receive an exclusive VIP Demo item for bragging rights.

Later on February 1st all players can experience Anthem ahead of launch with the open demo from February 1–3, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC. Anyone may participate in the Open Demo

Check the 15 minutes of Lost Arcanist gameplay down below:

The three man team in the video consists of the Colossus, Interceptor, and Storm javelins. If you’re unfamiliar with javelins, the game’s Exosuits, here’s a look at all of the ultimate abilities.

The Anthem VIP demo is just a couple of weeks away, and you can get a taste of what to expect in this alpha gameplay video.

In the Demo we can take a peek on how will work “Our World” where Anthem combines a shared world and a personal single-player story into one seamless experience.

One of the great things about Anthem is that its shared world is able to sync weather, day/night cycles, and even large-scale events for every player around the globe. So when your friend on the other hemisphere is in your group, you can be sure that they’re seeing the same environments that you are. That’s important because there may be certain events that only trigger in daytime or nighttime.

Anthem launches February 22, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation® 4, and PC. Early Access begins on February 15 for Origin Access and EA Access members.

Read the full article for more information at VG247.

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