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Anthem: Fort Tarsis Exploration Gameplay Video

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Anthem: Fort Tarsis Exploration Gameplay Video

BioWare together with IGN has unveiled a new gameplay video for Anthem at Fort Tarsis, In this trailer we can see how can we interact with people and how will the place change as we advance in the story of Anthem. We can note some FPS drops here and there but the game is still in need of some tweaks that most likely are being taken care of.

Check the 7 minutes of Fort Tarsis Explotaration video down below:

Fort Tarsis certainly looks visually impressive, almost as nice as the glimpses we saw in the first Anthem teaser trailers, although it seems like the framerate in the hub might be a little shaky. The city will change and develop as you play, with new areas opening up and the occasional emergency cropping up. We also get a look character interaction, which seems a bit simplified compared to past BioWare games – dialogue options appear to be pretty limited. Also, while certainly a step up over Mass Effect: Andromeda, NPC faces are still a touch wonky.

On January 25th we’ll have our first experience of Anthem with its demo for Origin and EA Acess members, if you aren’t don’t worry as a open demo will be available on February 1st.

BioWare also partnered with Nvidia to offer a  bundle for PC gamers. For a limited time, when buying an eligible GeForce RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 GPUs, desktops, and laptops you’ll receive both Anthem and Battlefield V. Or, if you buy a GeForce RTX 2070 or 2060 GPU desktop or laptop, you can choose one of the two games.

If you saw the CES 2019 Anthem trailer with DLSS on you might decided to buy a RTX, and with this bundle it’s the cheapest option to experience Anthem at 4K for the definitive experience when it launches on February 22, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Read the full article at – WCCFTECH.

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