Anno 1800

Anno 1800 Will Be Released Exclusively on Epic Games Store and Uplay

Epic Games and Ubisoft are seemingly about to start a long-running collaboration in releasing PC versions of the upcoming games, as Anno 1800 will be joining to The Division 2 in case of exclusivity to Epic Games Store. Ubisoft has stated the successful launch of The Division 2 on Epic Games Store has made them to do same with their upcoming strategy city-building game, Anno 1800.

It’s worth noting that Anno 1800 has been available on Steam for a while and Ubisoft confirmed players will still be able to pre-order the game from Steam until the day of release. If you decide to buy the game via Steam, you can rest assured that all upcoming contents will be available for you, same as the players of Uplay and Epic Games Store. While The Division 2 codes has taken from third-party retailers a few days before release, it’s not announced yet if Ubisoft will do the same with Anno 1800 or not.

If you’ve pre-ordered the game on Steam, or you are planning to do so, don’t worry about lack of players in multiplayer, as Ubisoft clarified that Anno 1800 players will be able to play together, no matter which store platform they are using.

Anno 1800 is set to be released for PC on April 16th. It’s the 7th installment in the series that after two consecutive titles which took players to futuristic worlds, will take you back to the Industrial Revolution era to create a powerful city in any important aspects from financial terms to military capabilities.

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