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Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing’s Release Date Leaked

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Animal Crossing’s Release Date Leaked

Nintendo announced Animal Crossing for the Switch last summer at Nintendo Direct presentation,  and while they didn’t announced a release date looks like we got one today, at least an unofficial one. According with GamingByte an UK retail store has confirmed the release date for Animal Crossing, it will release on April 29th 2019.

This came after some rumors kept appearing on Twitter about the release date of Animal Crossing and the pre-order cost, the information appears to be leaked by some workers of the retail store. Read some of the tweets below:

On 7th Jan, a user by the name of @lovehearts tweeted the following: “LADS I went into GameStop to have a look at the Switch games and I ended up placing a deposit on a pre-order for the new animal crossing game ? it’s going to cost €70 and it has a date of release on 29th April!!! But the guy said that’s an estimate and it could be here earlier” 

Nearly three weeks after this, another user by the name of @quakescopeszz offered up a very similar claim, saying: “All animal crossing fans, after talking with a manager at Game, I can confirm that the estimated release for animal crossing switch is the 29th of April. And yes there will be a a special switch edition later in the year.”

The user went on to add:

This is what I was informed from the manager of a Game store, as they get info of games in advance of public announcements and releases. Whether they are supposed to release the information like this I’m not so sure they are. So, it’s worth taking this info with that in mind.

Read the full article at – GameByte.

Don’t miss any of the latest news at – Gaming Instincts.

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