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Animal Crossing New Horizons
Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Details Revealed

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Nintendo hosted today an special Nintendo Direct who focused specifically on the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Player’s journey will start on a deserted island, this island is managed by Tom Hook, he offers you a loan, a tent and some amenities to start a living.

Players can decide the layout of the island, they will be able to chose the location of the island, it can be on the Norther or Southern Hemisphere, this decision will heavily affect some elements in the island, seasons will change.

New and returning characters will appear, players will get to decide where to place the tent that Hook gives them, and like previous installments, interactions with other characters is crucial. The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons features vast amount of customization and a crafting system, players will have the ability to design unique creations, this functionality can be shared with friends and fellow islanders.

The game features up to eight players occupying a single island at any time, this means that players can invite up to seven friends through the island’s airport. The islands can also be morphed, players can change the topography and they can chose where a waterfall should be placed and how many paths there are.

Nintendo did confirm what perhaps is a big negative aspect for the new game, only one island is supported per console.

“If the hustle and bustle of modern life’s got you down, Tom Nook has a business venture up his sleeve that he knows you’ll adore: his brand-new, ultra-exclusive Nook Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package!

Sure, you’ve crossed paths with colorful characters near and far. Had a grand old time as one of the city folk. May’ve even turned over a new leaf and dedicated yourself to public service! But deep down, isn’t there a part of you that just longs for…freedom? A chance to do what you want, when you want? Then perhaps a long walk on the beach of a deserted island, where a rich wealth of untouched nature awaits, is just what the doctor ordered!

Peaceful creativity and charm await as you roll up your sleeves and make your new life whatever you want it to be.”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 20, 2020.

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