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Animal Crossing’s Isao Moro Has Left Nintendo

Animal Crossing’s Isao Moro Has Left Nintendo

Isao Moro, best known for his work on the Animal Crossing series, has left the Japanese company, Nintendo. Moro updated his Facebook profile on July 26th, informing his friends that he has left Nintendo. The main reason behind his departure from the company isn’t known yet.

The most recent game in the Animal Crossing franchise that Isao Moro was involved is Animal crossing: New Leaf, that released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2012. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is considered a fantastic game by its fans, but they were hoping for a new Animal Crossing game release on the Nintendo Switch. This departure of one of the main people behind New Leaf, could indicate that there are some severe development issues taking place in the franchise right now.

We currently don’t have any information as to why Isao Moro left Nintendo, so the development of a new Animal Crossing game is going probably fine. Maybe Isa Moro just wanted to work on other projects or take his career in another direction. However, this news has taken the Animal Crossing fans by surprise, leaving them to wonder if the Animal Crossing franchise is doomed forever.

NintendoSoup said in an article on their website the following:

“Isao Moro directed the games Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. He’s also directed earlier entries in the series. Although Moro has left Nintendo, Aya Kyogoku, a person who has worked closely with Moro for the Animal Crossing series, remains at Nintendo.”

We can only wish Isao Moro the best of luck in his career, and hope that he had the chance to direct even a little of one last Animal Crossing game before he left (maybe animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch, whenever it released).

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