Out of Ammo

Out of Ammo Is Available Now on PlayStation VR

Out of Ammo Is Available Now on PlayStation VR

The super hybrid mash-up of strategic builder and first-person shooter, Out of Ammo, is now available for download on PlayStation VR from Zen Studios!

Hugely popular on PC, Out of Ammo is the explosive action-packed original VR experience developed by RocketWerkz, a company founded by the creator of DayZ, Dean Hall. Zen Studios partnered with RocketWerkz to bring this exhilarating combat title to PlayStation VR as the game to launch Zen’spublishing initiative focused on porting quality indie PC titles to console audiences.

In Out of Ammo you’ll have the opportunity to experience a unique mix of genres, as you plan your defense as a tactical general from a birds-eye view against waves of enemies, or if you choose go in guns blazing into FPS-style combat.

In Survival mode, you will have to assume the role of a battlefield general and survive waves of incoming enemies by building up your base and assigning your soldiers to key points on the perimeter. Call in bombing runs or trigger precise sniper shots to get the edge over your foes.

Prefer a more hands on approach? Assume direct control of your soldiers and defend the base with a rifle in your hand! Try out a variety of weapons and playstyles by playing one of 5 unit types. Get in the role of a Rifleman firing a fully automatic weapon, or be the cold and calculating Sniper and pick off enemies from afar. Help your comrades as the Medic, blast holes in the enemy line with the Rocketeer, or maintain your fortifications and spray shells with a shotgun as the Engineer!

Test your skills on 8 different maps, each offering a new challenge and feel of play. Defend yourself from visitors from outer space in Contact, or hold your ground along the soaring peaks in Alpine. Desert, Port, Forest, City, Canyon and Beachead offer even more challenges!

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