AMD CEO Lisa Su Talks About Ray Tracing Technology

AMD CEO Lisa Su Talks About Ray Tracing Technology

AMD boss talked at CES 2019 about Ray Tracing Technology which is missing in the Radeon VII,this was a response to Nvidia’s CEO which lashed AMD for it’s “lack of innovation” and “lousy” performance, mostly because Radeon VII is missing Ray Tracing and Nvidia’s new technology DLSS.

While talking to journalist (Credits for the translation to PCWorld) CEO Lisa Su remained calm and confident that the Radeon VII is the best bang for the buck and confirmed that Ray Tracing is something that AMD is working on for the future:

I’m not going to get into a tit for tat, that’s just not my style. So I’ll tell you that. What I will say is ray tracing is an important technology. It’s one of the important technologies; there are lots of other important technologies and you will hear more about what we’re doing with ray tracing. You know, we certainly have a lot going on, both hardware and software, as we bring up that entire ecosystem.

I would say that we are deep into development and that development is concurrent between hardware and software. And so for us, it’s, you know, what is the consumer going to see? The consumer doesn’t see a lot of benefit today because the other parts of the ecosystem are not ready. I think by the time we talk more about ray tracing, the consumers will see that.

Lisa Su also talked about Nvidia’s decision to support FreeSync on their devices, suggesting that AMD was right from the beginning:

Look, we knew FreeSync was the right answer. We’ve known FreeSync was the right answer for a couple of years. The fact that others have decided that FreeSync is the right answer, I think, says that we made the right choice a few years ago.

We believe in open standard. You know, we believe in open ecosystems. That’s been a mantra. So we have no issue with our competitors about FreeSync. And we think that just means that, you know, it’s better for gamers and we did a good job.

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