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AMD Will Host a Press Conference at E3 2019

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PC gamers always pick up their share from E3 events from PC Gaming Show, Microsoft and other third-party developers and publishers, but for E3 2019 the share will increase in terms of hardware announcements as AMD will attend in this year’s expo with bunch of products and details to reveal.

Following the keynote of Nvidia’s most powerful competitor in Computex 2019, AMD will be coming to this year’s E3 with a show hosted by Geoff Keighley. While nothing has been shared about the content of the show, it’s probable to get new information on Zen 2 CPUs and Navi graphics.

Moreover, AMD is now developing the hardware for the next generation consoles of both Sony and Microsoft, as a result, getting first official details on the specs of PS5 and Xbox Anaconda along with Xbox Lockhart has a high possibility of happening in the event.

CEO and head of AMD Lisa Su will also appear on the event to share the latest news on the company’s upcoming products. Those who won’t be able to reach LA and attend at the conference, can watch the live stream at Youtube.

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