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AMD CEO Announces New Computer Chips For 2022 Featured Image
AMD CEO Announces New Computer Chips For 2022 Featured Image

AMD CEO Announces New Computer Chips For 2022

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If you are a fan of AMD then this is a must-read. In an interview on the Consumers Electronics Show on CNBC, AMD CEO Lisa Su has announced some of their plans for the upcoming year. The bulk of those plans put effort towards building more powerful components for laptops and PCs as well as enhancing features already present. For today, we will be covering the interview as well as providing a few educated guesses as to what to expect from AMD in 2022.

AMD CEO Interview Review

The meat of the interview revolved around how the pandemic affected AMD since many work-lives turned virtual. To which the company’s reply was that 2021 was a good year for them and they are looking towards an even better one in 2022. They plan to enhance already existing features on their current line of computer chips as well as look towards improving on their already impressive line of products, releasing a new and improved array of CPU’s and GPUs. Close to the end of the interview, Lisa stated that the company also plans to exponentially ramp up production in the upcoming year. The ramp-up in production may come off as a surprise to some as there is still a supply shortage on many products due to the pandemic.

The ramp-up in production is due to supply-demand that has only seemed to increase year by year since the pandemic, but AMD is striving to meet the demands.

With the interview out of the way, there are still some questions left in the air with many of them being what exactly AMD has in store.  A couple of the most probable occurrences would be a refresh of their Ryzen 5000 processor and a new graphics card line that will be another addition to their RDNA line.

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