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AMD Oxide
AMD Oxide

AMD Announces Partnership With Oxide Games

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AMD and Oxide Games announced a multi-year partnership to co-develop graphics technologies for cloud gaming services. Both companies will work together in order to create a robust set of technologies for cloud rendering, their objective is to improve the real-time demands of the cloud-based gaming.

By combining leadership gaming hardware and graphics expertise from AMD with Oxide’s proven development capabilities and innovative Nitrous game engine, the companies plan to create a robust set of tools and technologies for cloud rendering designed from the ground up to embrace the real-time demands of cloud-based gaming.

“At AMD, we pride ourselves on our ability to push the boundaries of what technology can do so it elevates the gaming experience,” said Scott Herkelman, corporate vice president and general manager, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. “Oxide shares this passion and is an ideal partner for us as we expand the way gamers play, while delivering the quality experience they demand.”

“Oxide’s motto is to bring games to life that have never been seen or experienced before. We built the Nitrous Engine specifically with that purpose in mind,” said Marc Meyer, president of Oxide Games. “AMD’s commitment to gamers and their leadership in pushing the edge of state-of-the-art hardware is a perfect complement to Oxide’s commitment to the same excellence in software.”

Oxide Games, founded in 2013 by award winning game industry veterans and engineers to build an engine that exploits the vast untapped potential in today’s multicore hardware, the company created for this purpose the Nitrous Engine. Oxide has grown from a basement startup to well over 50 employees and continues to grow. According to their website, ‘Oxide’s proven industry track record of innovation with next generation APIs and multicore rendering helps set new standards for the Industry’.

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