Ambition of the Slimes is heading to Steam on 15th February

Flyhigh Works is pleased to announce its upcoming release of Ambition of the Slimes on Steam! Previously on 3DS and then Switch, it now brings its spin on RPG norms to the PC audience – it arrives on 15th February.

So, what’s it about? Well, the weakest monster-type in RPGs, the “Slime”, is now ready to fight back!

Slimes are surprisingly versatile in this strategic RPG – they can use magic, multiply and use various special abilities. Despite all of this they usually get bashed into a mush, not always by heroes but sometimes by village commoners – ouch!

That changes in Ambition of the Slimes, thanks to the ability to “Claim” enemies. Under your command Slimes are able to take control of their opponents’ bodies by jumping into their mouths! Use this Claim ability to inform your strategy in battle, taking over strong enemies and leading the Slimes to victory.
As you fight through the levels you’ll learn all about the ambition of the Slimes; this could be the most surprising fantasy RPG you’ll ever play!

Check out the Trailer:

This is a strategic turn-based RPG, but it is Slimes that you control. Slimes can take over an enemy and control them in battle.

For example, a Slime can utilise archers, or use magic if they take over a magician. They can even bewilder an enemy with a bribe if they take over a merchant.

In addition there are various kinds of Slimes:

Some of them can warp.
Some of them can improve the abilities of the possessed enemy.
And many more…

Each stage poses key strategic questions. Which Slime will you use on each enemy? How will you take them over?

For example the element of a Slime is very important for a capture. This is a tough game, too, so you cannot win by charging in recklessly – tactics are vital.

The appearance of this game may be lighthearted, but a big challenge awaits!

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