Alone Together Available Now on iOS and Android

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Alone Together Available Now on iOS and Android

Vanguard Universal and PQube announced today that Alone Together, the second game in the Fake Social Network series from Japan, will be releasing on Android and iOS today.

Alone Together blurs the line between game and reality with an authentic-looking social media interface and notifications on your phone when characters message you. Each member has an individual story line with a number of puzzles to solve.

It’s up to players to bring the users together and solve the mysteries.

“Bocchi World is a social network where lonely people chat and share puzzles to form new friendships. But what if not everybody is as they seem? What risks are there as these friendships start to move offline?

• A Host of Thought-Provoking Puzzles
Solve puzzles and brain-teasers as you befriend the users to progress their stories!

• Unlimited Guesses and No Penalties
You can guess the answer as many times as necessary, at no cost! If you get really stuck, just tap the “Hint please!” button.

• Easy to Play
Alone Together plays just like using a social media network, so you can get straight into the game.

• Share with Friends!
Hints not enough? You can share any puzzle you’re stuck on your real social media accounts to get help from friends!”

For more information about Alone Together check its iTunes download page.

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