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Alliance Digital Media & Zachtronics Put Their Popular Digital Title Infinifactory in a Box

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Alliance Digital Media & Zachtronics Put Their Popular Digital Title Infinifactory in a Box

Alliance Digital Media and Zachtronics are happy to announce that starting tomorrow, March 28th, Infinifactory on the Playstation 4 will be available for purchase at major retailers across North America.

About the game:

Infinifactory is a quirky sandbox puzzle game that tasks you with the mission of constructing a vast array of machines and factories for mysterious alien overlords. First launched for digital platforms in 2015, Infinifactory was praised by critics and players alike and was nominated for an Excellence in Design award at the 2016 Independent Games Festival.

Game Features:

  • Creative, open-ended challenges from the creators of SpaceChem and Infiniminer: Design and run factories in a first-person, fully 3D environment.
  • Compete with your friends! Optimize your solutions, and then optimize them more when you see how much better your friends did.
  • Fight your way back to Earth! Explore a deep story-driven campaign with over 50 puzzles, audio logs, and more.
  • Design your own ingenious factories! Go beyond the campaign and push the limits of Infinifactory’s next-generation block engine in the sandbox!

Check out the Trailer:

The genius of Infinifactory is not that it’s a very well-designed puzzle game: it’s that it makes you feel like a talented designer too. There’s a tremendous satisfaction to watching a machine that you’ve slaved over diligently follow your orders. It’s the videogame equivalent of those incredibly compulsive looping gifs of factory processes, but you made it—and the pride you experience in coming up with a solution feels ‘earned’ in a way that it does in few other games. It’s appropriate, then, that Infinifactory allows you to output a gif of your creations at the touch of a button (these have been upgraded in a recent patch, too) and that, for those who want to take things further, there’s the option to create and share user-generated puzzles via the Steam Workshop.

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